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Phone: 512.232.6324

Dana Center Role

Chanté serves as the recruitment and outreach coordinator for Literacy First, which is dedicated to providing low-income schools with highly trained tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level in reading before third grade. She is responsible for interviewing and hiring individuals who are interested in serving in the K–2 intervention program. She attends career fairs and events, and leads the outreach committee on projects that help develop the tutors’ professional skills. Chanté also helps manage the program’s social media activities.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Prior to her current role at the Dana Center, Chanté served in several positions in recruitment and hiring, office management, and working at events. Her previous work—coupled with her many years of community service and leadership development with Alpha Phi Omega—contribute to her knowledge and experience in her current position with Literacy First.


B.S. Advertising, University of California–Austin