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Gabriela Garcia-De AvilaPhone: 512.475.9782

Dana Center Role

Gabriela serves as the bilingual program coordinator for Literacy First, which is dedicated to providing low-income schools with highly trained tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level in reading before third grade. She is responsible for training, supporting, and supervising more than 30 Literacy First tutors. Her work regularly takes her to local schools to provide ongoing training and technical support. In addition, Gabriela helps to coordinate the annual recruitment of Literacy First tutors, the tutors’ civic reflection activities, tutor professional development, and all aspects of program management.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Gabriela is an alumna of the Hispanic Austin Leadership and Emerging Leaders in Public Service programs. She served for a year as a tutor in theLiteracy First program before she was encouraged to apply for a position as full-time staff.


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B.A., Spanish, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

B.S.W., Social Work, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction: Reading, Concordia University Texas