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In today’s information economy, the demand for people with strong mathematical skills continues to grow. Yet, the educational experiences students encounter have not kept pace with the diverse ways mathematics is now used. This diversification calls for new mathematics pathways to support higher education students in the attainment of postsecondary degrees and certificates.

The Dana Center’s Higher Education team works every day to reduce the barriers to college and university by creating more seamless transitions from high school to—and through—gateway mathematics courses at two- and four-year institutions. This includes work across our Dana Center Mathematics Pathways initiative, support and professional learning services, policy development, and curricular resources.

Math Pathways

Dana Center Mathematics Pathways offers a model to support pathways implementation at a local level, ensuring students can succeed at college-level mathematics.

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Our Higher Education team collaborates across all levels of higher education to support pathways creation and implementation.

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Systemic change begins with having the right policies and supports in place. The Dana Center team works with policymakers and other key stakeholders at the institution, system, and state level.

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Curricular Resources

The first step to student success is through thoughtful design of curriculum and pedagogy. Explore the Dana Center's portfolio of resources to support instruction and learning.

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