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Improving the Supply of and Demand for High-Quality K-12 Science Instructional Materials

OpenSciEd seeks to ensure that any science teacher, anywhere, can access and download freely available, high-quality, locally adaptable full-course instructional materials. Science literacy, and successful completion of high school science courses, is critical for our student's success in a growing STEM economy.

OpenSciEd Logo

OpenSciEd was launched to address the need among teachers and school districts for high-quality, open-source, full-course science instructional materials, as well as to support the implementation of middle school science instructional units as a result of the adoption and implementation of the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards.

A group of state education agencies, along with school districts, classroom educators, science curriculum developers, and the science education community, have joined forces to create research-based, open-source science instructional materials. The long-term vision of OpenSciEd is to:

  • Ensure that all science teachers can access and download free standards-aligned instructional materials.

  • Support districts and schools providing professional learning for science teachers and leaders around quality instructional materials.

  • Provide space for states and districts to collaborate with other organizations on innovative approaches to professional learning for science teachers and leaders.

In 2018, ten states--California, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Washington--are serving as field test sites for the curriculum units produced by OpenSciEd for grades 6-8. OpenSciEd will provide additional supports for field test teachers during the academic year through interactive virtual and in-person professional learning experiences.

The Dana Center is part of the OpenSciEd Developers Consortium, along with BSCS Science Learning, Northwestern University, Boston College, University of Colorado Boulder, and Digital Promise. The Dana Center provides OpenSciEd support for implementation of professional development and data collection during the field test. The Dana Center's work, to prepare a STEM-literate and STEM-ready population by focusing on mathematics and science, is grounded in our mission to ensure that all students have access to an excellent education.