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MathPaths - STEM professionals making mathematics meaningful

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You are a student in the right math class or a professor teaching aspiring STEM students, but what’s next? Which careers use mathematics and how do successful STEM professionals use math in their jobs?

We created MathPaths to bring math content to life by demonstrating how math is used in today’s workplaces. We profile successful engineers, scientists, coders, and more as they talk about their career paths and share advice with students. See their videos and hear their stories at

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Spread the word and share MathPaths with your colleagues or fellow students. We invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @UTDanaCenter or @DCMathPathways, and distribute the link to

If you are a STEM professional, submit a nomination to share your story. Your words might inspire students to pursue a career in math and science.

Gayatri Adi Explains Her Work

Fuel. Air. Fire. How can these seemingly-uncontrollable factors be harnessed in a way that makes them usable? How can we build our understanding of the volatile process of combustion in order to turn it to motion in an engine? Dr. Gayatri Adi knows how, and she knows because of her experience with and knowledge of mathematics. Find out how Gayatri was inspired in childhood to follow a path to engineering and how math informs and guides her work every day.

Dr Nehemiah

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