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Equity. Access. Excellence.

The Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) builds honest, open, two-way bridges of communication, collaboration, and partnership with other leading organizations in the field. We prioritize collaborations that strengthen our vision and contribute to making our work visible, understood, valued and adopted as normative practice across the country.

The Dana Center works closely with major professional associations of mathematicians and higher education leaders to advance the goals of the DCMP. Dana Center staff regularly present at our collaborators’ annual and regional meetings, serve on key committees, publish in their journals and newsletters, and regularly consult with their senior leaders on policy issues relevant to mathematics pathways and other reform issues. On another level, the Center engages in critical collaborations which influence the field and advance reform efforts in tangible ways.

Our Collaborations

  • Math for Nurses

    The Charles A. Dana Center and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) are excited to begin a partnership with the nursing community to explore, implement, and continuously improve best practices for the mathematics education of nursing students. In collaboration with Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), we are bringing together the two fields of mathematics education and nursing to improve student success and quality practice.

    Overall, our vision is for all students in nursing programs to gain the mathematical knowledge, skills, and attitudes to promote and provide safe, high-quality health care. Learn more about this critical collaboration.

  • TPSE Math

    The Dana Center has been a main collaborator with TPSE Math, widely considered the most influential force in postsecondary mathematics education reform. Dana Center Executive Director, Uri Treisman, is a member of TPSE’s Board of Governors and our Manager for Professional Learning, Paula Talley, serves on the Teaching and Learning MAG Committee. 

    In the last two years, the Dana Center supported the design and facilitation of three TPSE Math convenings of over 200 influential mathematics chairmen and directors of undergraduate mathematics education. These convenings focused on implementing the new math pathways at scale. Senior officers of the National Science Foundation, NSA, and private philanthropies supporting mathematics improvement participated in all meetings. The Center has been formally added to both strategic-level planning and subsequent convening design for TPSE.

  • Mathematical Association of America

    Dana Center staff serve on committees for the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)Jeremy Martin serves on their Articulation and Placement committee. Frank Savina serves on the Curriculum Renewal Across the First Two Years (CRAFTY) committee. The Dana Center regularly organizes workshops, panels, and themed contributed paper sessions at MAA sponsored meetings. The MAA also collaborates with the Center on our Math for Nurses and Scaling Pedagogical Change initiatives.

  • Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

    The Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences, representing the 17 major professional organizations of mathematicians and mathematics educators, joined the Dana Center in support of our Launch Years initiative. The Center will provide technical support for the work of 15-20 state teams in 2019-20 to develop, test and revise new mathematical pathways in high schools designed to link to those implemented in colleges and universities.