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Equity. Access. Excellence.

Anne JoyoprayitnoPhone: 512.471.2870

Dana Center Role

Anne works on middle school and high school mathematics course programs, assessment, and professional development. In this work, she authors and manages the content development for online course programs and assessment tools in collaboration with Agile Mind, Inc. Anne is the lead program coordinator for Mathematics 8, Algebra I, Intensified Algebra I, and Integrated Math I and supports other high school course programs. She also develops and delivers professional development sessions for partner states and districts as needed.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Anne taught various high school mathematics courses at the middle school level and also coached basketball and tennis. She is interested in exposing students to the beauty of mathematics, developing students’ analytical skills, and ensuring that all students have access to high-quality and engaging mathematics instruction.


M.A., Mathematics, The University of Texas at Austin, UTeach Summer Masters Program 

B.S., Mathematics, The University of Texas at Austin

Selected Presentations 

Intensification as a tool for equity: Ensuring underprepared students achieve their Algebra I credit in a single year. Presented at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) annual conference, Washington, DC (April 2018).

Focusing on congruence mappings. Presented at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT), Fort Worth, TX (July 2017).

What is computational fluency and how do we support students in developing it? Presented at CAMT, Fort Worth, TX (July 2017).

A transformational approach to geometry. Presented at CAMT, San Antonio, TX (June 2016).

Reclaiming lost ground: Research-based interventions for underprepared algebra students. Presented at the NCSM annual conference, Oakland, CA (April 2016).

Professional Memberships

NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education