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Equity. Access. Excellence.

Our Commitment Runs Deep

The Dana Center team hails from diverse backgrounds—ranging from classroom instructors and curriculum specialists to operations and communications professionals. Dana Center staff bring to our work a rich collective expertise in classroom teaching, instructional leadership, education administration, curriculum development, and national leadership in organizations

While we may come from a range of backgrounds and bring a range of experiences, each day we show up with a common purpose: to support the equitable access of all students to an excellent math and science education.

Our team understands the challenges, issues, and opportunities facing our nation’s education systems. Many of our staff have served firsthand as instructors, instructional leaders, curriculum developers, and K-12 or higher education administrators. We bring a deep, research-based approach to our work, and we continually push ourselves to innovate.

It is this visionary spirit that led to the creation of the Dana Center by our Executive Director Uri Treisman—and it’s what inspires us each day.

Dana Center Leadership

Uri Treisman, Executive Director

Philip Uri Treisman is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor, professor of mathematics, and professor of public affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Uri Treisman Bio

Martha Ellis, Interim Managing Director

Martha leads the day-to-day mobilization of the Center’s personnel and programs to achieve its strategic priorities.

Martha Ellis Bio

Amy Getz, Interim Director, K-12 Education Strategy, Policy, and Services

Amy leads both the strategic direction and partnerships necessary to create equity-driven, high-quality professional learning, instructional materials, and policy and advocacy at scale.

Amy Getz Bio

William R. Crowe, Interim Director, Higher Education Strategy, Policy, and Services

Bill provides leadership for strategic direction and planning for the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP), a transformative redesign to modernize entry-level college mathematics programs.

William Crowe Bio

Richard Blount, Chief Operating Officer

Richard leads the business affairs and operational functions of the Center, including accounting, finance, human resources, informational technology, and administration.


Monette McIver, Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Monette leads the Organizational Effectiveness Team at the Center, which works with our Executive Director Uri Treisman in his many roles throughout the education community.


Afi Y. Wiggins, Director, Evaluation and Research

As director of evaluation and research at the Center, Afi leads the development of comprehensive and coherent strategies for research and evaluation initiatives.

Afi Wiggins Bio

Lara Zuehlke, Director, Marketing and Communications

As director of marketing and communications, Lara leads the Center’s marketing and communications strategy and guides day-to-day execution of activities.

Lara Zuehlke Bio

Mary Ellen Isaacs, Literacy First Director

Mary Ellen is the director of Literacy First, dedicated to providing low-income schools with highly trained tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level in reading before third grade.

Mary Ellen Isaacs Bio

Meet Our Teams