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Resources and Reports for the Launch Years Initiative

Launch Years is committed to a vision in which…

  • every student learns rigorous and meaningful mathematics. 
  • the mathematics courses in every high school are intentionally designed to propel students to a postsecondary option that will in turn open the way to high value careers. 
  • our nation benefits from a population of all races and all backgrounds who have the quantitative reasoning skills to fully participate in the economy and our society.

In support of this vision, the Launch Years initiative, partner organizations, and others supporting the initiative developed the following reports and other documents.

Launch Years Resources

These resources and reports have been created by the Launch Years initiative and partner organizations. 

  • Launch Years: A New Vision for the Transition from High School to Postsecondary Mathematics – The Launch Years report identifies barriers and critical recommendations. Access the Executive Summary and Overview. For the full report, please fill out the short form found on this page.
  • Launch Years Fact Sheet – an overview of the Launch Years initiative’s vision and approach.
  • Transition to College Mathematics Course Framework: Executive Summary – a framework that provides design principles and student learning outcomes to guide developers who are creating a 12th-grade transition course for students who have not yet met a college-readiness measure in mathematics.
  • Transition to College Mathematics Course Framework: Full Report – Please fill out this short form to access the full report.
  • A Changing Paradigm in High School Mathematics – a publication from Community College Research Center (CCRC) that explores existing approaches to high school mathematics curricula as well as new developments in the field.
  • Improving Developmental and College-Level Mathematics: Prominent Reforms and the Need to Address Equity – a publication from Community College Research Center (CCRC) that examines current developmental mathematics education with particular regard to equity gaps, offering clear recommendations for higher education.
  • The Algebra II Variable – a brief from Achieve exploring state-level mathematics policies on Algebra II, with specific examinations of graduation requirements, assessment, and alignment to postsecondary expectations. 
  • The Case for Mathematics Pathways – a Dana Center document outlining the benefits of mathematics pathways for our nation’s students.
  • What Is Rigor in Mathematics Really – a Dana Center brief that explores the meaning of rigor in mathematics education and offers recommendations for its implication in curriculum and instruction.

Supporting Resources

These reports from outside sources have guided the vision, goals, and recommendations of our Launch Years initiative. 

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