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Josh Recio Awarded CNS Staff Excellence Award

June 20, 2023|By Dana Center Communications

Josh Recio received the Staff Excellence Award from The University of Texas at Austin College of Natural Sciences. This award goes to staff members who have a positive impact on the University’s mission. Josh Recio is a course program specialist at the Center, with major roles in the Launch Years Initiative and as an author and content developer for course programs.

Previous Dana Center recipients of this award are Ophella Dano, Alisha Thompson, Susan May, Margaret McCook, and Francesca Fraga Leahy.

josh-recio-cns-award“Josh’s exceptional efforts impact not only the University, by contributing to the work of the Dana Center, but it also has an impact at scale across the country, the highest aspirations for work at The University of Texas and in the College of Natural Sciences. By the very nature of Josh’s efforts, partnering with others behind the scenes, his work will never receive the national recognition it deserves.”

   – Dave Kung, Dana Center director of policy

“As a consistent thought partner, it was during a phone call with Josh that Washington’s Modern Algebra 2 principal ideas were born, and he has been a valuable contributor throughout its development. He has provided resources, expertise, and crucial conversations in building the course, and his knowledge of the national landscape for high school mathematics pathways continues to contribute to the pilot and statewide scale up of Modern Algebra 2... [which] is changing the landscape of high school mathematics in Washington and is impacting the thinking about Algebra 2 in several states nationally. The progress we have made in Washington is directly related to his collaboration and he continues to be a terrific partner to keep it moving forward. He absolutely deserves this recognition!”

Arlene Crum, Director of Mathematics, Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

josh-recio-cns-award“We have worked with Josh for several years, primarily as Wisconsin’s Launch Years Initiative coach and in our PK-20 efforts to expand opportunities for students to be successful in their learning of mathematics. Throughout our work, Josh took time to learn the challenges of the Wisconsin context. Josh pushed us to always pay attention to building structures that center students and provide equitable access to the mathematics that builds their mathematical thinking, identity, and agency. He is well versed in the state teams who came before us and is quick to share what they learned so we do not repeat their mistakes. By coaching us around other teams’ pitfalls, we are able to mark and chart progress towards our state goals. We overwhelmingly support Josh Recio for consideration for the 2023 UT CNS Staff Award for Excellence.”

- Barbara L. Bales, Ph.D., Director, PK-20 Strategic Initiatives and Education Innovation, University of Wisconsin System 

- Mary Mooney, Mathematics Education Consultant, Wisconsin Dep. of Public Instruction 

Please join the Dana Center in congratulating Josh on this achievement!

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