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Math Organizations Leadership Network 

The Dana Center has established a Launch Years Math Organizations Leadership Network (LY-MathLN) that brings together mathematics organizations interested in collaborating to strengthen—and advocate for—work improving the experiences and outcomes for students transitioning from the last two years of high school into the first two years of postsecondary education. 
The network’s charge includes using the collective power of its participating organizations to advocate with their members for necessary changes at their local institutions and systems. 


See below to access recordings of multiple conversations to deepen your understanding of key topics and issues that impact students' mathematics experiences as they complete their transition years of schooling (last two years of high school and the first two years of postsecondary).

Title description

“The Transition Years: A discussion with Dr. John Staley” Podcast

We set the stage for participants to engage in much needed conversations about the transition years.  

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A Look at Mathematics: PreK-12 and Postsecondary 

During this session, we discuss key factors and considerations for the design of students’ mathematical experiences during their PreK-12 years.

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The Transition Years: Why This Work is Important for our Students

During this session, participants will gain an understanding of students’ mathematical experiences during the transition years and an overview of the Launch Years Initiative.

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Content that Matters for Transition Courses: Meaningful Content for Model Courses

During this session, we discuss the design, content, and learning experiences of several transition courses (i.e. Statistics, Data Science, Modeling).

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The Transition Years: Supporting the Work

Mathematics education leaders share and interact around how their respective organizations are supporting the work around the transition years that has been coordinated by the Launch Years Initiative/Launch Years Mathematics Organizations Leadership Network.

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Participating Organizations

  • Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles
  • American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
  • American Statistical Association
  • Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
  • Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics
  • Benjamin Banneker Association  
  • Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences  
  • Mathematical Association of America   
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics            
  • NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education                     
  • TODOS: Mathematics for ALL