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Classroom Practice Study Professional Learning  

The Dana Center believes that effective teacher practice is refined through a structured, positive, and collaborative effort among educators within the school system. 
Classroom Practice Study Professional Learning builds on this belief through the use of the Classroom Practice Study process. It teaches your school system how to: 

  • Gather data on the implementation of curriculum and instructional programs; 
  • Analyze aggregated and organized data; 
  • Reflect on the results of analyses with teams of staff members; and   
  • Act in informed and thoughtful ways to strengthen teaching and learning.  

Classroom Practice Study PL is designed to promote organizational learning. It also empowers district- and school-level leaders and educators to build understanding of the effectiveness of instructional programs and take action to improve.   

Professional Learning in Action

When the Dana Center works with your state, district, or school system, we first work to understand your unique strengths and challenges. We then tailor the Classroom Practice Study PL to fit your specific needs and contexts. We want to ensure we reach your goals in an effective and meaningful way.  
This PL uses a hybrid model. Dana Center professional learning and implementation specialists are there in-person as teams learn how to collect data. We join them in their first rounds of classroom visits for further calibration and fidelity. And we’re there virtually in synchronous learning sessions throughout as well, supporting educators as they develop the expertise needed to sustain the work. 
Classroom Practice Study PL can be adapted to fit your needs. Most systems find that 6 months of collaboration is needed to see meaningful and lasting results.  

Explore the Open Educational Resource

A portion of Classroom Practice Study has been made available to all educators as an open educational resource. Through the CP Study OER, your team can begin working together to share successes, effective strategies, and inclusive decision-making opportunities to strengthen your system.

Download the Classroom Practice Study OER

Contact the Dana Center Professional Learning and Implementation Team

We’d love to talk with you about goals for your school system. Reach out to learn more about the Classroom Practice Study PL or any of our professional learning offerings below. 

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