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Our Goal

All students entering the manufacturing field will gain the mathematical knowledge, skills, and attitudes in postsecondary education they need to be successful in their chosen career.

Currently, employers are noting a mathematics skill deficiency in folks entering the workforce. For example, the 2015 Manufacturing Skills Gap survey of more than 450 manufacturing executives found a sizeable talent gap that is believed to be growing, resulting in millions of positions potentially going unfilled. 

By identifying and focusing on the mathematical skills needed in manufacturing, the Dana Center believes we can help students be more successful in finding entry- to mid-level manufacturing employment. 

Below are resources highlighting innovative state, region, and local partnerships between manufacturing, higher education, and community leaders. They address a critical talent pipeline shortage for economic and workforce development and identify necessary mathematics skills and instructional practices for successful manufacturing employment.


  • Emerging Issues in Mathematics for Manufacturing brief

    This brief explores the limited industry guidance that identifies which mathematics competencies are required for entry-level and middle-skilled manufacturing production jobs and how to prepare workers for upward mobility.

    Download the brief

  • Case Studies

    Each of these case studies describe the processes and strategies used to identify and implement math skills and competencies needed for successful employment in entry- to mid-level jobs.

  • Effectively Launch and Initially Convene a Task Force resource

    This resource outlines considerations to launch and convene task forces to establish ongoing partnerships between workforce stakeholders (e.g., industry, higher education, advocacy organizations, professional organizations, and students).

    The goal of these task forces is to ensure equitable opportunities for successful employment and promotion in the workplace, by ensuring students attain the mathematics skills and application specific to that industry.

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  • National Student Video Contest

    In partnership with STEMedia, the Charles A. Dana Center held its first Math4(Manufacturing) video contest in fall 2021. Videos were to include:

    • A recording of contest participant interviewing at least 1 professional who uses math skills in a Manufacturing Profession
    • Information about at least 1 type of manufacturing job
    • Clear explanation of how at least 1 math skill is applied to said manufacturing job

    Watch the GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Alexis Washington, interview Lindsay Barnes, an executive of Wendland Manufacturing Corp. in San Angelo, Texas. Washington is a freshman mathematics major at San Angelo State University.