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Math Should Be a Way, Not a Wall

For far too many students, math is a wall—not a way—to their postsecondary and career success. In fact, the Mathematical Association of America calls math “the most significant barrier” to finishing a degree—and ultimately to a path of greater opportunity for all students. 

We are at a turning point in mathematics education. 

New research on math teaching, new clarity about the math needed for success, and new commitment to collaboration across the K–12 and higher education sectors have brought us here. Evolving technology and a changing economy are also signaling that this is the right moment for action. Now is the time to modernize high school math.

So how can we ensure every student—regardless of circumstances, background, or zip code—has access to high-quality math education that’s relevant to their future?  


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Modernizing Math Education to Create Paths for All Students

Launch Years is committed to a vision in which…

  • every student learns rigorous and meaningful mathematics. 
  • the mathematics courses in every high school are intentionally designed to propel students to a postsecondary option that will in turn open the way to high value careers. 
  • our nation benefits from a population of all races and all backgrounds who have the quantitative reasoning skills to fully participate in the economy and our society.

To achieve this vision, Launch Years brings together leaders, experts, and advocates from K–12, higher education, business and industry to codify and support the scaling of efforts to build math pathways from high school through higher education and into the workplace.

This work includes developing new structures, policies, and practices that create opportunities for students to learn and achieve in school and in their careers. 

Three states are initially engaged in the work (Georgia, Texas, and Washington), which is being led by the Dana Center in collaboration with Education Strategy GroupCommunity College Research Center, and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities.  

Focusing on the critical junior to junior year timeframe, the Launch Years initiative puts forward a fundamentally new approach to mathematics. It maintains the rigor needed for postsecondary degrees and high-demand jobs, while also creating new pathways for significantly more students – including those traditionally underserved – to thrive in college and realize their dreams.

Uri Treisman

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Launch Years Report

The report, Launch Years: A New Vision for the Transition from High School to Postsecondary Mathematics, identifies barriers and critical recommendations.

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Tools and processes were developed to help systems enact new approaches to high school mathematics, ensuring every student gets the right math at the right time.

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The Launch Years initiative is working with experts from higher education, K–12 education, equity advocacy, and industry to join us in creating a new paradigm. 

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