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Course Frameworks for Mathematics Pathways

Frameworks for new courses are among the tools developed as part of the Launch Years initiative. These frameworks are designed to help systems build math pathways from high school through higher education and into the workplace.

Our teams of content experts in K–12 and higher education are designing frameworks for:

  • a high school-to-college transition course encompassing multiple domains of mathematics;
  • an Algebra II-equivalent course; and
  • three senior-level courses to follow either Algebra II or the Algebra II-equivalent course.


Mathematics Transition Course Framework

This framework provides design principles and student learning outcomes to guide developers who are creating a 12th-grade transition course for students who have not yet met a college-readiness measure in mathematics.

For an overview of the Mathematics Transition Course Frameworks:

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For the full Mathematics Transition Course Frameworks:

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Algebra II-Equivalent Course

Developers of an Algebra II-equivalent course for students who are pursuing a non-Calculus pathway will learn about the design principles and student learning outcomes that prepare students for success in multiple math pathways. This framework is projected to be available in 2020.