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The Dana Center/Agile Mind programs, authored by the Dana Center and delivered via the web in collaboration with educational technology company Agile Mind, Inc., are designed for a blended model of instruction.

Each program encompasses teacher professional development and support, classroom instruction, practice and homework, formative assessment, embedded test prep, and real-time reporting on student effort and performance.

Middle School Programs

Standards-centered programs that move students from elementary mathematics to increasingly abstract concepts that demand higher levels of thinking.

Middle School

High School Programs

Core programs for Algebra I to AP Calculus and Statistics, plus an intervention for struggling Algebra learners and a comprehensive Biology course.

High School

Intensified Algebra

Research-based program for an extended-time Algebra class, designed to help students who are significantly behind become successful in algebra within one academic year.

Intensified Algebra

Academic Youth Development

Research-based programs to help students reshape their academic identities, enhance their engagement in learning, and transform their achievement.


Agile Assessment

This system delivers technology-enabled tasks and real-time data to guide instructional decisions.

Agile Assessment