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Advanced Mathematical Decision Making

Developing students’ ability to apply advanced quantitative reasoning in real-world applications

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AMDM serves as a

12th Grade Capstone Course

AMDM includes instruction on

Statistics, Finance, Quantitative Reasoning

AMDM focuses on

Modeling Real-World Problems

Course Materials Overview

High school graduates need more mathematics than ever before, and they need to know how to use quantitative reasoning, statistical reasoning, and modeling tools to solve problems in applied situations. This 12th-grade capstone course engages students in relevant problems and prepares them for higher education and the workplace.

Our Advanced Mathematical Decision Making Using Advanced Quantitative Reasoning materials are designed for a year-long course to follow Algebra II or Integrated Mathematics 3 that emphasizes statistics, quantitative reasoning, modeling, and financial applications. The materials prepare students to use a variety of mathematical tools and approaches to model a range of situations and solve problems.

These materials are fully aligned with the Texas Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) TEKS. Download the TEKS alignment for the AQR materials. The materials are also appropriate for other states’ Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM) courses.

To learn more about changes made since the original edition released in 2010, download our errata sheet.


Revised in 2017, Advanced Mathematical Decision Making addresses all the student expectations for the Texas Advanced Quantitative Reasoning course and the majority of the student expectations for similar courses implemented in other states.

Additional Information about AMDM

  • Developing AMDM

    AMDM/AQR instructional materials (with teacher materials) were developed in 2010 with support from the Greater Texas Foundation. These 2010 materials are available free as downloadable files to the people of Texas. Please note: the 2010 downloadable materials have not been revised or updated to reflect new standards and strategies. Click here for the 2017 revised edition.

    To download the 2010 materials: We have a short process that gathers basic information about the use of the course. This information helps us with our materials development funding and in future proposals to further refine the course and develop additional supports and enhancements. To begin the process, take this survey.

  • AMDM Teacher Resources

    Additional teacher resources and supports are in development Fall 2021.

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