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Middle School Programs

Comprehensive mathematics programs that build strong foundations for future success

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Programs built for

Built for next-generation standards

Teaching that

Develops concepts and procedural fluency

Resources that include

21st Century tools for teachers and students

Achieve Success for Every Student

All students need and deserve access to challenging curricula every day. All teachers need and deserve tools and data that help them address the changing demands of the accountability landscape and the varied experiences their students bring.

The Dana Center/Agile Mind middle school programs equip teachers to enact a curriculum every day, for every student, in every class; to enable students to take responsibility for their own learning; to elevate interactions between teachers and learners; and to use data to inform these processes.

The programs appear in a “blended” format, with some materials online and others in print. Throughout the lessons, homework, and formal assessments, students work on rich tasks that ensure their learning reflects the rigor of the standards, applying the mathematics they are learning to multiple real-­world situations and contexts.

Lessons are designed to support development of deep conceptual understanding, and the use of multiple representations supports differentiation for diverse learners. Strategic, deliberate practice and review enable students to attain the fluencies and procedural skills required by the standards.

These programs have been recognized as being of the highest quality by rigorous review processes, including those of, the Lousiana Department of Education, and the Texas Education Agency.

Dynamic Animations

A rich body of research indicates that authentic, interactive visualizations can promote engagement and lead to greater mastery.

The Agile Mind middle school course programs provide teachers with high-quality resources to help students engage in learning activities that develop conceptual understanding across the grades.

In this video, see how students use ratios when making slime.

Our course programs contain thousands of animations, developed in collaboration with exemplary mathematics educators throughout the country.

Image of a group of students clasping hands

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