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Formative Assessments in Mathematics

Activities to reinforce understanding of, and ability to apply, essential mathematics concepts.

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Assessments that are


Assessments that are


Assessments that are


Support for Secondary Mathematics

The Dana Center mathematics assessment activities can be used by teachers to provide ongoing formative assessment integrated with math instruction. The assessments reflect what all students need to know and be able to do in a given grade or course as described in state or national standards.

Good formative assessment tasks provide evidence of student insight, student misconceptions, and problem-solving strategies that can be used by teachers to guide instruction. Equally important, however, is the opportunity such tasks provide for teachers to help students build proficiency and automaticity with the mathematical practices.

The tasks are focused on assessing both how well students understand the mathematics, and how well they can carry out the procedures necessary to solve the task. Thus, the tasks require more of students than simply the “right” answer, instead revealing also how students are thinking about a mathematical situation.

Developed in collaboration with mathematics educators, these collections of assessments include tasks for algebra (both across the TEKS and through the Common Core) and for geometry through the Common Core.

Math Formative Assessment

The Dana Center has developed three different formative math products, each of which includes interactive tasks designed to reinforce and assess students’ knowledge. Click each title to learn more.

Math Assessment Options

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