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Digging in to High School Math Courses: New Resources from Launch Years

February 10, 2020|By Dana Center Communications

The Launch Years initiative released two new resources that focus on high school mathematics courses. The first is a new course framework for a mathematics transition course, and the second is an in-depth reflection on Algebra II.

Launch Years is committed to a vision in which…

  • every student learns rigorous and meaningful mathematics. 
  • the mathematics courses in every high school are intentionally designed to propel students to a postsecondary option that will in turn open the way to high value careers. 
  • our nation benefits from a population of all races and all backgrounds who have the quantitative reasoning skills to fully participate in the economy and our society.

As this work progresses, Launch Years is developing tools and other resources to enact new approaches to high school mathematics. 

Thumbnail images of the two new resourcesThe Transition to College Mathematics Course Framework provides design principles and student learning outcomes to guide developers who are creating a 12th-grade transition course for students who have not yet met a college readiness measure in mathematics. The design principles in the course attend to social, emotional, and academic development and have students work in the classroom the way they’d solve problems in the real world. 

The Algebra II Variable brief from Launch Years collaborative organization Achieve explores state-level mathematics policies on Algebra II, with specific examinations of graduation requirements, assessment, and alignment to postsecondary expectations. This brief reflects on the role and purpose of Algebra II as the Launch Years considers which mathematics courses and pathways are most relevant for postsecondary and career ambitions.

Download these and other resources and reports today. For more information about Launch Years, sign up for our newsletter.

Transition to College Mathematics Course Framework: Executive Summary Transition to College Mathematics Course Framework: Full Report The Algebra II Variable
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