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January 23-25, 2020 — Dallas–Fort Worth Area, Texas

Hosted by the Charles A. Dana Center with Tarrant County College District

Bring a team to this national co-requisite design workshop where participants will engage with research, dig into the design of courses that best fit your campus, department, and students, and create a campus-wide plan of action. The workshop will have multiple opportunities to customize your stage of implementation and your role in the process. Sessions will focus on structures, content, pedagogy, and psychosocial factors. 

Institutional sessions include breakouts on data analysis and multiple measures placement that are customized for: 

  • Institutions in the early stages of implementation
  • Institutions in the scaling and refining stages of implementation

Role-alike sessions include breakouts for: 

  • Math faculty
  • Advisors, administrators and IR

A signifcant amount of team planning time, as well as opportunities to collaborate with and learn from other teams, will result in an actionable plan to take back to campus. 

Review the workshop agenda.

This workshop is not tied to any specific curriculum, but rather helps to provide actionable guidance for building successful, sustainable approaches to co-requisite course design. 


You did a wonderful job with the workshop. It was very beneficial to our team. We were able to get a lot of questions answered and make some great plans.

Valerie Martin
Department Chair – Math, Science, Agriculture
North Arkansas College


tan map background with text stating "the path to successful co-requisite implementation is full of choices. We can help you navigate"


Who should attend?

To help ensure you leave the workshop with the most comprehensive understanding and the most effective action items, we highly recommend you attend with a team representing at least three of the following roles:

  • Dean or other administrator
  • Mathematics chair or lead
  • At least one additional math faculty member
  • Institutional researcher
two people at a table having a discussion about co-requisite implementation


What are the workshop fees?

This two-day design workshop costs $650 for an individual attendee. 

The fee is reduced to $550 per attendee if part of an institutional team of three or more (see "Who Should Attend?" above). Please send an email to  to receive the institutional team discount code.