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A group of college-aged students sits together at a table in a mathematics classroom.

Rethinking the Role of Math: Pamela Burdman and the Launch Years Initiative

July 27, 2020|By Dana Center Communications

There's been a traditional tendency to use math as a gatekeeper, to confer privilege or pedigree as opposed to providing students a foundation to succeed. We have to stop doing that.

Pamela Burdman is a nationally-recognized authority in college access, readiness, and success. She is the founder and executive director of the Just Equations project. 

Burdman is also a member of the Launch Years Consensus Panel, a group of education leaders and advocates charged with guiding, developing, and advocating for the far-reaching recommendations published in the 2020 Launch Years initiative report Launch Years: A New Vision for the Transition from High School to Postsecondary Mathematics

In this new video, Burdman suggests a number of issues that must be addressed for mathematics education in the United States to become more equitable.


The Launch Years report is available as a free download. 


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