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Registration Open for Transition to College Mathematics Professional Learning

May 17, 2019|By Dana Center Communications

Register now for TCM Professional Learning

The Transition to College Mathematics (TCM) course materials, developed by the Dana Center and available to districts through Agile Mind, help high school seniors who have not yet met a college readiness measure achieve college readiness by the end of their senior year. This professional learning session is designed to prepare teachers to implement these TCM course materials.

TCM Professional Learning

Registration Open Through July 22, 2019 - Act Now!
Transition to College Mathematics Professional Learning

Location: Austin, TX
Grade-level focus: High School
Audience: Transition to College Mathematics teachers, instructional specialists and coaches, campus and district leaders.


  • New TCM educator 2-day session: $400
  • Returning TCM educator 1-day session: $200

Note: Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Participants are responsible for their hotel accommodations and other travel expenses.

Register for the August 1-2 session for new TCM educators
Register for the August 2 session for returning TCM educators

Registration is open through July 22, 2019 - act now!


During this professional learning, you will:

  • Learn how to leverage the course’s instructional model to develop students’ abilities in the three dimensions of college-readiness: academic knowledge and skills, noncognitive skills, and college cultural capital. 
  • Experience selected student activities from the perspectives of both a learner and a teacher. 
  •  Network with participants from other high schools and collaborate on how to facilitate and assess student learning using the course materials.

All participants will receive print copies of the TCM teacher materials. 

More About Transition to College Mathematics Course Materials

This Transition to College Mathematics course uses a combination of print and online materials to address topics needed to prepare students for success in any entry-level college mathematics class. Subscriptions to the online platform, which includes digital copies of the print materials, should be purchased from Agile Mind before the professional learning sessions.

The Dana Center—Agile Mind approach to instruction deepens students’ commitment to learning, encouraging their persistence in the face of academic challenge.

Optional print materials are available for purchase:

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