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Lessons from the Corequisite Research Design Collaborative

October 2, 2023|By Dana Center Communications

The Corequisite Research Design Collaborative (CRDC) explored ways to dramatically increase the number of students who successfully complete research-informed corequisite supports, particularly students who are minoritized or experiencing poverty. 

In new reports from the Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness, student survey data and lessons from the CRDC are pulled together to continue to inform the field about the effective use of corequisite supports. 

According to the survey, students reported feeling comfortable engaging in class and seeking help from their professors. In fact, students reported being more comfortable engaging in their support courses than in their paired college-level courses. Although the sample sizes for the survey were small, the supplemental report states, “This trend suggests that support courses can play an important role in improving student engagement by providing an additional space for students to interact with the course contents, their peers, and faculty.”  

Read the new reports

Corequisite Resources 

Designing and implementing corequisite courses can be challenging, especially since cross-functional groups at state, system, and institutional levels must work together to scale successfully. The following resources offer in-depth advice based on current research and best practices from industry experts.    

Corequisite Mathematics Toolkit 

This toolkit presents design principles for implementing corequisite mathematics program and provides tools and resources to make them actionable. Authored by the Dana Center with support from Strong Start to Finish and Education Commission of the States. 

English Corequisite Design Principles 

This toolkit presents design principles for implementing corequisite English program and provides tools and resources to make them actionable.  

Communicating Support Resources to Corequisite Students Toolkit 

This toolkit describes a three-phase process for communicating support resources to students in corequisite and gateway mathematics and English courses. 

Corequisite Student Outreach and Extended Support Toolkit 

This toolkit is a guide for establishing a formal, streamlined, and systematic way to help students connect with student services and other support resources, and to encourage self- advocacy and increased use of campus resources. 

The Challenges of Scaling Gateway Mathematics Corequisites: Recommendations for Policy and Practice 

This study focused on the challenges of at-scale corequisite mathematics course development and implementation based on the experiences of 21 system leaders, college administrators, and faculty across four states. Based on the identified challenges, this study also illuminated enabling conditions and provides recommendations for policymakers, state and college leaders, and campus faculty as they engage in corequisite development and implementation. 

Notes from the Field: One-Time Corequisite Courses May Not Be Enough: Colleges Explore More Holistic Supports

This report summarizes the research indicating the need for additional supports for students enrolled in corequisite math courses. 

Emerging Solutions: Calculus 1 Corequisite Supports 

This report discusses the emerging national trend of offering corequisite support for first-semester calculus courses. 

Additional resources and reports can be found on the Corequisite Research Design Collaborative page. 


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