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Corequisite Toolkits: Designed to Make the Student Outreach Process Easy

March 22, 2023|By Dana Center Communications

The corequisite course model allows students to take a college-level course alongside a developmental-level support course within the same semester. Instead of taking multiple remedial courses that don’t earn college-level credit, students have the opportunity to earn credits and graduate alongside their “college ready” peers. 

Understanding student needs and implementing a holistic support framework can actively engage students in their own success throughout the semester and beyond. 

Corequisite Support Toolkits

Communicating Support Resources to Corequisite Students Toolkit
Students who know how to access academic and non-academic resources are more likely to succeed in both their corequisite and college-level courses. This toolkit provides an in-depth list of recommended campus and community resources for students, and how to communicate them. 

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Corequisite Student Outreach and Extended Support Toolkit
This toolkit is an implementation guide for colleges and universities interested in developing an intervention process for students who are at risk of failing their corequisite and college-level courses. By establishing a system to connect struggling students to campus resources, faculty, staff, and campus leaders can provide real-time support.

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Why Implementing a Student Outreach Process Matters

A common concern raised when implementing corequisites is what would happen if a student fails both components. This valid and important consideration is what piloted the development of these toolkits. When students fail to earn credits, they are at risk of academic probation or ineligibility for financial aid.

Designed in response to this concern, these toolkits provide strategies for identifying students who are at risk and intervening proactively and on time.

Getting Started

The Corequisite Student Outreach and Extended Support Toolkit provides a framework to bring faculty, advising, student services, and IT services together to implement a student outreach process. Institutions utilizing the Communicating Support Resources to Corequisite Students Toolkit alongside this toolkit, will find it easier to implement this process and connect students to relevant resources.

This toolkit includes:

  • Guided instructions on how to implement an outreach initiative with key stakeholders on campus (e.g., preliminary phases, implementation, testing)
  • Training framework to facilitate collaboration between corequisite faculty, advising team, and student success staff (if applicable)
  • A step-by-step guide on how to partner with IT services and incorporate various touch points in the Learning Management System (e.g., reports, reminders, surveys, functions)
  • An extended support model to evaluate academic, career, and personal needs for students falling below a D, with helpful tools to reinforce available resources

Types of Support Components

The support components found in the Corequisite Student Outreach and Extended Support Toolkit are designed to empower students to advocate for their own success. Faculty and staff will be equipped to answer questions and guide students to the right place at any stage of the course.

Customizable support components include:

  • Student Surveys to identify needs and provide relevant information at orientation
  • Assessment reports to identify barriers to student success throughout the semester
  • Messaging templates to communicate support materials (e.g., reminders, reports, assessments)
  • Reset Workshop (an intervention for students whose grades are a D or below with helpful reminders about student services, college habits, and a Q&A session)
  • An Individualized Study Plan (IPS) to ensure students who fail their corequisite and college-level course pair are prepared with the necessary tools to succeed in their next attempt
  • A Decision Tree to properly identify student needs for their Individualized Study Plan

Additional Resources

The corequisite support toolkits work together to identify and connect students to various services and community resources. By fostering student development and modeling self-advocacy, students who are new to college or need additional support can feel comfortable asking for help.

When campus leaders are prepared and can readily inform students on campus resources, they can boost retention rates and course completion.

These resources were created through the Corequisite Research Design Collaborative. Learn more about that work and access these and other below:

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