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Collaborating to Reach Your Goals

When your charge is to improve education outcomes for your school, district, or state, experience shows that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work.

The Dana Center works with you to assess your local strengths and challenges, identify appropriate tools, and enact the right strategies at the right time to address the gap between where your system is and where it needs to be in terms of capacity, professional culture, and student achievement.

Learn more about our current long-term collaborations below.

Louisiana Department of Education

The Louisiana Department of Education is working with the Dana Center to train mentor teachers, build local capacity, and align classroom teaching with the state’s mathematics standards.

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Department of Defense Education Activity

The Department of Defense Education Activity educates the children of U.S. military families around the world. The Dana Center provides professional development and support.

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Fort Wayne Community Schools

Fort Wayne Community Schools works with the Dana Center to revise their mathematics curriculum and build capacity to improve its alignment to higher education mathematics pathways in the state.

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