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Texas Transfer Inventory: Math Course Guide for College Students

July 28, 2023|By Aidan Sheeran-Hahnel

When students transfer from a Texas community college to a Texas university, one of the largest challenges they face is ensuring the credits they accrued remain viable towards their degree program. The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide helps ensure students don't lose transferrable credits when transferring between Texas institutions, specifically for math courses.

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What is the Texas Transfer Inventory?

The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide compiles comprehensive information on math courses and their transferability for any given degree in every public college and university across Texas. 

When students have access to resources that help them make well-informed decisions, they are more likely to seamlessly transition between schools. The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide allows students, parents, advisors, and educators easy access to an accurate data set without having to scavenge for unreliable or outdated information.  

With all Texas community colleges and state universities represented in the guide—including all 2,500 bachelor’s degree programs—the Texas Transfer Inventory Guide is a very comprehensive tool. It analyzes credit transferability for math course requirements across thousands of degree programs at 37 Texas colleges and universities. 
Students will no longer have to risk their hard-earned coursework when they transfer to a given school. They will know exactly which math courses count and where to go next. 

Why Track Math Credits?

Math courses can be particularly challenging for students to track due to changes in math requirements and course-taking patterns across the state. Additionally, differences in mathematics pathways available to students impact which courses count towards specific degree programs.  

Mathematics pathways are course sequences that students take to fulfill their graduation requirements. Historically, calculus was the only math pathway available, which is geared towards preparing STEM-aspiring students. However, students who are interested in other degree programs benefit from math courses that are more aligned with their career aspirations, such as quantitative reasoning or statistics courses.  

With the help of the Texas Transfer Inventory Guide, students can keep track of the math courses that best fit their math pathways, regardless of changes in course names or numbers.

Relevance to Texas House Bill 8  

With the adoption of Texas House Bill 8, Texas college transfers are more important than ever. The bill will impact how community colleges are funded. Funding will no longer be based on enrollment at a given institution. Instead, it will be based on performance metrics, including the number of students that ultimately transfer to a four-year university.   

With this new bill, community colleges have an increased incentives to encourage and support students in the transfer process. The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide is not only a valuable resource for students but also for community colleges and their funding agendas. Colleges and universities can use this guide as a tool to advise students throughout the transfer process. 

What the Texas Transfer Inventory Guide Will Tell You 

The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide will provide insight on the following questions: 

  • Will a particular math course transfer to a particular university? 

  • Which math courses satisfy the core curriculum requirements at a particular university? 

  • What math course(s) will a student need to take for a major at a particular university? 

How to Use the Texas Transfer Inventory Guide 

When educators are equipped with reliable tools, they can better prepare students for life-changing decisions, like choosing a degree program or transferring to a new school. Students can also plan their coursework in advance when they know what credits count at their new universities.  

This guide is a powerful tool that students and educators alike can easily access and share. For more free resources on transferring credits between colleges and universities, visit 

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As a government and mathematics major at Bowdoin College, Aidan is currently interning at the Charles A. Dana Center under the policy team. Aidan helps the Dana Center conduct policy research, aggregate data, perform literature reviews, write blog posts, and more. 

Aidan is excited to apply skills learned in the classroom to areas he's passionate about. He hopes to stay connected with the center's work for many years to come.