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Explore statistical concepts in an interactive way. Use the DCMP Data Analysis Tools to construct graphs, obtain summary statistics, find probabilities under the normal distribution, get confidence intervals, fit linear regression models, and more!

The Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) offers this suite of data analysis tools to complement the Dana Center’s Introductory Statistics: Analyzing Data with Purpose course.

Throughout this course, students analyze data, construct and test hypotheses, solve problems, reflect on their work, and make connections between concepts. Students use the DCMP Data Analysis Tools to analyze and understand data and run simulations to promote deep understanding of statistical analysis.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Association, Correlation, and Regression


Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem

Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests (One Sample)

Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests (Two Groups)

Inference for Comparing Several Groups