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Social-Emotional Learning and STEM: Predictions from 100Kin10

January 9, 2019|By Dana Center Communications

Each year the Trends Report from 100Kin10 highlights key insights from 2018 as well as predictions for STEM teaching and learning in 2019. This year’s Trends Report predicts that work from the Dana Center around social-emotional learning and STEM education will allow more students to flourish.

While STEM education has traditionally focused only on hard skills, more and more industry leaders and researchers see the need for the integration of social-emotional learning skills.

Through the Dana Center and Agile Mind Academic Youth Development programs, we know that when educators change the culture of learning and proactively shape their students’ academic identities, students can transform their achievement. 

In a 2019 100Kin10 Project Team, the Dana Center will join with Agile Mind, Inc., Mills College School of Education, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, and Teach for America to continue to support educators already taking actions in their classrooms that promote the integration of social-emotional and academic learning. The team also intends to develop a perspective about effective professional growth materials, resources, and experiences that engage educators in research and practices that address and interrupt bias in the classroom.

Read more about STEM as social-emotional learning and the rest of the 100Kin10 Trend Report.

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