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Margaret McCook, Winner of CNS Staff Excellence Award

July 3, 2018|By Dana Center Communications

Margaret McCook has been a part of the Charles A. Dana Center for 14 years. Margaret has exhibited dedication, competence and resourcefulness above and beyond her day-to-day responsibilities. We are so proud to see her honored by The University of Texas at Austin’s College of Natural Sciences with a 2018 Staff Excellence Award.

The CNS Staff Excellence Award is presented to exceptional staff who exhibit outstanding dedication, competence, and resourcefulness. Margaret is our electronics publications specialist and works with our K-12 Education Services team to produce the web content for mathematics courses. Margaret was nominated for this award by a broad cross section of Dana Center staff, from managers to administrative assistants, clearly illustrating her impact on the Center. 

“Margaret gets more done in less time than anyone I have ever known. Despite the stresses that can accompany her volume of work, she is always willing to help out any of our staff with problems that they may encounter. She accomplishes this through enormous dedication to elevating the people around her and making sure we accomplish the highest quality work.”
Bryan Kennel
Dana Center
Team Lead, Technology 

“Margaret’s role has become one of in-house authoring and production support, project manager, and process guru. Not only does she render online content from our authored materials using the proprietary Agile Mind authoring system, but she also develops and documents process improvements that she shares with the Dana Center authoring team and the Agile Mind production team. Her ceaseless attention to detail ensures that we are able to accurately translate our materials to the online environment quickly and efficiently, which is crucial to the rapid annual cycles of iterative improvement on which we pride ourselves. Margaret is efficient, thorough, self-motivated, and eagerly takes on new tasks and challenges. Each year we set ambitious goals for our work with Agile Mind, and we cannot accomplish them without Margaret’s technical support and unwavering commitment to excellence in her work. I cannot of think of anyone more deserving of this award than Margaret McCook.”
Kathi Cook
Dana Center
Manager, Online Course Programs

“Margaret is a core team member in the collaboration between the Dana Center and Agile Mind, and her contributions embody the principles that have made our collaboration successful over the years: hard work, dedication to the highest quality of program for teachers and students, reliance on evidence to shape work priorities, resourcefulness, and an approach to work that is positive and collegial.”
Debbie Zimmerman
Agile Mind
Director of Production

Margaret is a wonderful colleague and a vital member of our staff, helping us stay true to our mission and creating an enjoyable work environment in which to do it. 

Join the Dana Center in congratulating Margaret McCook on this honor! 


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