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Inside Mathematics: Free Resources for K–12 Educators

March 4, 2020|By Dana Center Communications

New Inside Mathematics Website

Inside Mathematics, a service of the Dana Center, is for every educator who wants to provide an excellent mathematics education for all students. We’re pleased to share the newly redesigned Inside Mathematics website

Inside Mathematics includes videos, math tasks, and resources around specific standards-aligned mathematical concepts and content, all for educators who want to strengthen their classroom teaching. 

On the new Inside Mathematics website, K–12 educators can find:

  • Videos showcasing real classrooms with real teachers using research-based mathematics strategies.
  • Non-routine math problems and assessment tasks for kindergarten through high school.
  • Resources that align to specific mathematical concepts and standards.Inside Mathematics logo over a picture of a teacher with two students

Inside Mathematics has been a part of the Dana Center since 2015, and the site has been visited more than 2 million times.

“Inside Mathematics is a fantastic resource for K–12 math teachers, coaches, and leaders,” said Doug Sovde, Dana Center director of K–12 education strategy, policy, and services. “Whether you’re a new teacher looking for inspiration for number talks or a veteran teacher looking to enrich a lesson with a non-routine problem, Inside Mathematics hosts a wealth of resources.”

Through Inside Mathematics, educators can look inside real classrooms to view—and try out—best practices and resources. 

Explore Inside Mathematics


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