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Free Webinar - "Transitioning Co-Requisite Math Courses to the Online Environment"

April 7, 2020|By Dana Center Communications

Jumping into teaching in an online environment can leave higher education faculty unsure about how best to serve their co-requisite mathematics students.

Dr. Sonia Ford-Petch and Taylor Darwin delivered this free one-hour webinar for higher education mathematics faculty, leadership, advisors, and administrators.  Participants learned virtual teaching strategies, best practices, and resources to help guide them in successfully transitioning your co-requisite mathematics courses to online delivery.



Download the webinar transcript.

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Dr. Sonia Ford-Petch

Dr. Sonia Ford-Petch is department chair and professor of mathematics at Midland College in Midland, Texas. She has been teaching mathematics face-to-face and online at the collegiate level for over 19 years. Dr. Ford-Petch’s research focuses on best practices in teaching and learning in an online environment with an emphasis on increasing students’ feelings of connectedness.


Taylor Darwin

Taylor Darwin's work as instructor of mathematics at Midland College is focused on working with co-requisite statistics classes where she leverages her past experience as a high school teacher to bring activities and collaboration into the classroom. Taylor believes that collaboration promotes retention in mathematics, which leads to higher student success.