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Celebrating Our Founder

May 31, 2023|By Dana Center Communications

Dana Center founder Uri Treisman ended his tenure as the Center's executive director on May 31, 2023, after 35 years leading the organization. Current and former staff members shared memories and well wishes during a celebratory luncheon, which included his favorite coconut cream cake.

As Uri smiled and laughed, he also shared some parting words.


The luck I’ve had to be able to live this life: to devote equal time to my students, to public service, and to research. What we’ve done together, just thinking of all the work we’ve done for students… the change we’re making matters. You have to keep doing it for me going forward.

Uri will continue his leadership work in American mathematics education, serving on national advisory boards, advising education-focused philanthropies, and engaging in professional society committee work. In addition, he will assume a new role as special advisor to Dr. David Vanden Bout, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and the home of the Dana Center. A University Distinguished Teaching Professor, Treisman has taught freshman calculus for 50 years and (of course) plans to continue teaching and mentoring students and faculty. Afi Wiggins will continue to lead the Dana Center as interim managing director.


Words from Current and Former Center Staff to Uri


"Your dedication to helping students is extraordinary on its own, but your leadership in creating a space for the Dana Center to thrive while continuing to teach is beyond words." 

"Your unwavering support of service and civic engagement, and for the trust you gave me, former staff, and current staff to develop and grow a truly remarkable service and intervention program as part of the Dana Center's commitment to equity in education."

"From my very first teaching experience—in the Wisconsin Emerging Scholars Program—through my early years as a professor, my years starting an emerging scholars program and helping others start them, all the way to these last two years, you and your ideas have served as a north star for me." 


"Throughout your life, you have opened doors for so many students and changed the trajectories of their lives. I count myself among one of those students." 

"Uri, what a wonderful gift to have had the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for laying the groundwork for our Dana Center team to lead change in education."

"Your leadership and dedication to our mission are an inspiration, and I hope that we keep living up to your expectations."



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