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STEM professional

Calling All STEM Professionals

June 1, 2017|By Dana Center Communications

The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin is seeking STEM professionals to participate in a new video series for students on a pathway to calculus. Our goal is to demonstrate the many real-world applications of precalculus through interviews with STEM professionals in such fields as engineering, computer science, design, and natural science. In 5-minute videos, participants make connections between their work and topics such as geometric reasoning, trigonometry, modeling with functions, rates of change, and covariational reasoning. 

If you are selected to be part of the series, we will bring a film crew to your location to record an informal interview and footage of you in the field, lab, or office. Filming should take one day. You will receive a small honorarium for your time and involvement in this project.  

Please express your interest by completing our short form.

Meet the Students

The Calculus Career Connections video series explores STEM occupations and provides role models to aspiring students. In each brief video, students ask STEM professionals a variety of questions. Meet some of the students in this clip.

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