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headshot of Dana Center staff member Lisa BrownLisa Brown, M.A.
Professional Learning and Implementation Specialist

Phone: 512.471.3331

Dana Center Role

Lisa supports the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of innovative professional learning offerings for the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP), a transformative redesign to modernize entry-level college mathematics programs by working with states, systems, universities, and colleges. She is a skilled presenter and facilitator of educator professional development, speaking frequently at national and regional conferences.

Lisa also focuses on how psychology and learning science innovations can transform students’ lives and overall classroom climate and culture. She serves as contributing author for DCMP’s Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning course. With more than 22 years in math education, including 14 years focused on practical application and study of psychology innovations, Lisa understands both their power and pitfalls.

In a prior role, Lisa served as the project lead for the Dana Center’s Academic Youth Development work and a lead author for middle school mathematics course programs in collaboration with Agile Mind, Inc.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Lisa has extensive experience in educator professional development and as a classroom teacher of secondary mathematics. Her prior work includes leadership at the campus and district levels and professional development of educators at the state and national levels.


M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, The University of Texas at Austin

B.A., History, The University of Texas at Austin

Selected Publications

Brown, L., Jackson, G., Mayfield-Ingram, K., McLeod, M., Ousley, R., Richard, M., & Walsh, P. (2019). Addressing implicit bias in the STEM Classroom, a 100Kin10 project team collaboration. New York, NY: 100Kin10.

Brown, L., & Seeley, C. (2012). Transitions from middle school to high school: Crossing the bridge. In C. Hirsch, G. Lappan, & B. Reys (Eds.), Curriculum issues in an era of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Selected Presentations

Dismantling the barrier of tracking: Connect, collaborate, commit. Presented at the Creating Balance in an Unjust World Conference for STEM Education and Social Justice, Honolulu, HI (January 2020).

Detracking meetup. Interactive presentation at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) annual conference, San Diego, CA (April 2019).

The perils and promises of growth mindset. Presented at the NCSM annual conference, Washington, DC (April 2018).

Going beyond growth mindset: Effective effort. Presented at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, Fort Worth, TX (July 2017).

Building high-leverage professional learning systems with research-informed tools for equity and access in mathematics. Presented at the NCSM annual conference, San Antonio, TX (April 2017).

Building conceptual understanding with virtual manipulatives. Presented at the NCSM annual conference, San Antonio, TX (April 2017).

Professional Memberships

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics

Texas Community College Teacher Association

Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL