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Reasoning with Functions 1

Reasoning with Functions 1 Preview Assignments Student Pages (second edition)Reasoning with Functions 1 (RF1) is the first course in the Dana Center’s Pathway to Calculus. The pathway consists of two college-level courses, Reasoning with Functions 1 (RF1) and Reasoning with Functions 2 (RF2). The courses accelerate students designated as underprepared, who plan to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics and who plan to take one or more of the traditional Calculus courses. 

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In-Class Activity Student Pages, Second Edition

RF1 is designed for a cohort corequisite model, including embedded, just-in-time instruction in the algebraic skills that would traditionally be included in an intermediate algebra course. Students are provided the algebraic tools necessary to analyze a variety of function types including linear, quadratic, polynomial, power, exponential, and logarithmic functions, and develops a strong conceptual understanding of functions and their behavior, using explicit covariational reasoning to investigate and explore quantities, their relationships, and how these relationships change. 
Recommended: Six contact hours per week, with the same instructor. 


Preview Assignments Student Pages, Second Edition

This book is the annotated edition of the Preview Assignments for the Dana Center’s Reasoning with Functions 1 (RF1) course. These assignments are intended to be completed before attending class, in order to refresh the background skills necessary to successfully engage in the in-class activities.


Practice Assignments Student Pages, Second Edition

This book contains the Practice Assignments for the Dana Center’s Reasoning with Functions 1 (RF1) course. These assignments are intended for use outside of class. They typically provide additional practice of the skills in the in-class activities within a new context, or extend and synthesize the learning using the same context.


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