STEM-Prep Pathway

The STEM-prep pathway reenvisions the algebra-intensive course sequence through the lens of what will best serve students who are going on to calculus or who need the strong algebraic skills required in technical fields.

Why a new pathway?

nmp_stem_reenvisioning_imageAs mathematics educators, we continually examine our own practice for ways to better meet the needs of our students in a changing world.

Recent research on the conceptual understanding and skills necessary for calculus and on how students learn inform the collaborative design of this more efficient and effective efficient pathway.

Reasoning With Functions I & II

In January 2014, we embarked on the design of an improved STEM-prep pathway by collaborating with faculty and other experts from around the country.

This pathway will be supported by two new courses, Reasoning with Functions I & II, which prepare developmental-math-level students seeking STEM careers to enter calculus and succeed in future STEM coursework or other technical courses that require strong algebraic skills and a mastery of functions.

More information on the design of the STEM-prep pathway can be read in Reenvisioning the Pathway to Calculus [pdf, 449KB].