Quantitative Reasoning Course

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Quantitative Reasoning develops student skills in interpreting, understanding, and using quantitative information. It teaches algebraic reasoning and modeling skills through a quantitative literacy lens and emphasizes critical thinking and statistical reasoning (as described in the NMP Curriculum Design Standards [pdf, 463KB]). It also develops skills in reading and writing quantitative information.

NMP Quantitative Reasoning Learning Outcomes [pdf, 625KB]

NMP Quantitative Reasoning Course Outline [pdf, 133KB]

NMP Quantitative Reasoning Table of Contents [pdf, 551KB]

The quantitative literacy pathway launched in fall 2014 with the common first courses, Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning and Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning, followed by the college-level course, Quantitative Reasoning, in spring 2015.

The Charles A. Dana Center established the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Faculty Working Group to support the use, quality, and scale of quantitative reasoning courses in Texas. The working group comprises mathematics faculty members from two- and four-year institutions across the state of Texas.

Guidance for Exemplary Practice in Developing Quantitative Reasoning in Texas: Math 1332: Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning) [pdf, 146KB]

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