Programs in Mathematics and Science

Our mathematics programs provide comprehensive vertically aligned support from middle school through Advanced Placement Calculus and AP Statistics. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Biology course program. These programs are carefully designed to help all school districts—even those that are under-resourced—prepare their students to be college and career ready.

Our programs, delivered via the web and designed for a blended model of instruction, encompass teacher professional development and support, classroom instruction, practice and homework, formative assessment, embedded test prep, and real-time reporting on student effort and performance.

We offer mathematics programs for middle school, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Our Statistics and AP Calculus programs were developed in collaboration with leading AP experts and align with the College Board’s course outlines.

Our standards-aligned Biology program helps assure that students gain an essential understanding of challenging concepts and processes from all six major content strands of the National Science Education Standards.

These programs are available by subscription. To learn more, please contact