Comprehensive Course Programs

Teacher effectiveness varies widely across classrooms. We provide standards-aligned, comprehensive course programs designed to ensure that all students, particularly students in the highest need schools, have an effective teacher.

Programs in Mathematics and Science

Our mathematics programs provide comprehensive vertically aligned support from middle school through Advanced Placement Calculus and AP Statistics. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Biology course program. These programs are carefully designed to help all school districts—even those that are underresourced—prepare their students to be college and career ready…read more

Academic Youth Development

Students’ perceptions of themselves as learners can limit their potential. Academic Youth Development is a research-based family of programs designed to help students reshape their academic identities, enhance their engagement in learning, and transform their achievement…read more

Intensified Algebra

Large numbers of students now taking Algebra I are one or more grade levels behind in mathematics. Intensified Algebra is a research-based program designed to help these students catch up and succeed in their first algebra course and beyond…read more