Early Mathematics—A Resource for Teaching Young Children (2012)

Few high-quality resources exist for classroom teachers to use to develop important foundational mathematics concepts with their students in early grades. With the new opportunity for achievement presented by the College and Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics, it is critical that children have a strong foundation in early mathematical concepts, such as numeracy.

With generous support from the Noyce Foundation, we have developed Early Mathematics—A resource for teaching young children, which consists of CCR-aligned materials for 20 sessions for each of four early grades: prekindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.

The final version of Early Mathematics—A resource for teaching young children is now available. Previously the four grades were organized in one volume; they are now offered as individual books. Please click the links below to download the final version of the materials.

You can also purchase a full-color print version with all 4 volumes bound together.

Early Mathematics: A Resource for Teaching Young Children Book CoverNoyce Early Math PreK Book [pdf, 14.8MB]

Noyce Early Math Kindergarten Book [pdf, 13.2MB]

Noyce Early Math Grade 1 Book [pdf, 12.2MB]

Noyce Early Math Grade 2 Book [pdf, 7.6MB]