The Dana Center Statistics Pathway

student working with Mathways materials

What it is . . .

The Dana Center Statistics Pathway teaches statistics along with the requisite arithmetic and algebra so that students interested in the humanities or social sciences can engage immediately in mathematics that is relevant to their education and career goals.

It includes rigorous, transferrable, college-level content that meets the requirements of various academic programs and careers.

Who it's for . . .

This statistics pathway is designed for students with non-STEM majors—such as the humanities or social sciences—who have been placed into developmental math at the Introduction to Algebra or Intermediate Algebra level and for whom statistics will be relevant to their career goals.

Course design . . .

This statistics pathway is based on a set of course design principles (pdf 108kb) and learning outcomes (pdf 144kb) guided by education research and the experiences of developmental education experts and statistics educators.

Starting with the first lesson, students actively engage with the concepts of statistics. The essential mathematics concepts are developed within statistical situations to which students can relate.

How you can use the current version . . .

The Dana Center completed development of Version 1.0 of the Statway™ curriculum in July 2011. Samples of these materials are available for download from this site.

These materials are excerpted from the first prototype of the Statway course. The Dana Center is engaged in a process of revising and improving these materials to create the Dana Center Statistics Pathway.

You are free to use these materials in your classroom as you wish (see the Statway frontmatter at the beginning of each of our posted sample modules for specifics about the license for use we are granting you). We welcome your feedback on these materials. Write us at

We anticipate piloting the Dana Center Statistics Pathway in 2013.

The New Mathways Project Implementation Guide (pdf 933kb). We are making our initial version of an implementation guide available for institutions interested in the New Mathways Project. This guide helps institutions think through the implementation process. We will continue to develop tools and services to support implementation.