Introducing MathCuts: Quick, Engaging Strategies for Classroom Teachers

The Dana Center is proud to launch a new project created by educators, for educators. MathCuts tasks provide an engaging way to explore effective math teaching strategies.

“As a math teacher, taking time to engage in meaningful professional learning wasn’t always possible,” said Michael Greenlee, MathCuts author and Dana Center professional learning facilitator. “With MathCuts, we’re able to visually showcase strategies in a quick, accessible, and immediately applicable way that we hope will inspire small changes in math instruction.”

MathCuts consist of short, 60-to-90-second video clips, along with open-ended visual problems that showcase research-based strategies for educators. “Our hope is that these tasks will start discussions and inspire teachers with new approaches and ideas,” said Greenlee.

“All students deserve to receive high-quality math instruction,” said Doug Sovde, Dana Center director of K-12 education strategy, policy, and services. “MathCuts provides educators around the country with effective strategies to use right away in their classrooms.”

division mathcuts

An example of a non-routine problem found on MathCuts. These types of problems create meaningful mathematical discourse in classrooms.

About MathCuts:

Mathematics should not be a barrier to student success. MathCuts are research-based, standards-aligned strategies that educators can use in their classrooms to help students learn. MathCuts are developed and distributed by the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

About the Dana Center:

The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin works with our nation’s education systems to ensure that every student leaves school prepared for success in postsecondary education and the contemporary workplace. Our work, grounded in research and two decades of experience, focuses on K-16 mathematics and science education – with an emphasis on strategies for improving student engagement, motivation, persistence, and achievement. We develop innovative curricula, tools, protocols, and instructional supports and deliver powerful instructional and leadership development.

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