Ensuring Teacher Quality: Algebra II (Spring 2005)

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  1. Front Matter, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents
  2. Overview for the Facilitator
    1. Overview
    2. Course Syllabus/Timeline
  3. State Standards and Objectives
    1. Algebra I TEKS and cover page
    2. Algebra II TEKS and cover page
    3. Grade 9 TAKS Objectives and cover page
    4. Grade 10 TAKS Objectives and cover page
    5. Grade 11 TAKS Objectives and cover page
    6. TExES Preparation Manual: Mathematics, Grades 8-12
    7. State Board for Educator Certification Standards and cover page
  4. Course Content
    1. Introduction
    2. Algebra II Content

      Strand 0: Journaling Throughout the Course

      Strand 1: Foundations of Functions

      Topic 1.1: Linking Foundations
      Topic 1.2: Transformations
      Topic 1.3: Applying Transformations
      Topic 1.4: Making Connections

      Strand 2: Linear Functions

      Topic 2.1: Linear Patterns
      Topic 2.2: Slope and Rate of Change
      Topic 2.3: Matrices
      Topic 2.4: Applications of Linear Programming

      Strand 3: Quadratic Functions

      Topic 3.1: Uncovering Quadratics
      Topic 3.2: Digging Deeper
      Topic 3.3: Applications

      Strand 4: Square Root Functions

      Topic 4.1: Inverse Functions
      Topic 4.2: Applications

      Strand 5: Power, Polynomial, and Rational Functions

      Topic 5.1: Power Functions
      Topic 5.2: Polynomial Functions
      Topic 5.3: Rational Functions

      Strand 6: Exponentials and Logarithms

      Topic 6.1: Characteristics of Exponentials and Logarithms
      Topic 6.2: Applications

      Strand 7: Conic Sections

      Topic 7.1: Intersection of a Plane and a Cone
      Topic 7.2: Locus Definitions of Conic Sections
      Topic 7.3: Graphing Conics
      Topic 7.4: Applications of Conic Sections
    3. Related Resources
    4. Algebra II Pre/Post Test and Key
  5. Course Follow-Up
    1. Leader's Resource Guide
      1. Introduction to Leader's Resource Guide
      2. Materials for a study of Improving Algebra I End-of-Course Exam Scores: Evidence from the Field: Text and PowerPoint presentation
      3. Materials for a Format of the TEKS presentation: Text and PowerPoint presentation
      4. Materials for a Programmatic Nature of the TEKS presentation: Text, PowerPoint presentation, and vertical articulation chart
      5. Materials for Examining Student Work presentation: Text, Handouts, PowerPoint presentation
      6. Leader's Resource Guide References
    2. Evaluation
      1. Introduction
      2. Classroom Observation Protocol
      3. Participant Questionnaire