Transfer Champions Initiative

In fall 2013, The Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Association of Community Colleges launched the New Mathways Project Transfer Champions Initiative.

Are you new to the NMP? For an introduction to the project and the NMP principles for mathematics education, start here.

Coordinated Implementation

We are collaborating with four-year institutions in Texas, leaders of reform initiatives, and state-level decision makers to ensure that state policies and practices enable more institutions of higher education to enact the NMP model. We address issues such as course transfer and applicability of courses to majors.

The Role of Four-Year Institutions in Supporting the NMP

Four-year institutions play an important role in informing community college advising and course requirements for programs of study. The NMP seeks to support students in pursuing mathematics pathways aligned to the needs of programs of study. For many non-STEM fields, a statistics pathway or a quantitative reasoning pathway would better serve students than a traditional college algebra pathway. In Texas, these pathways lead to MATH 1342/1442 (Elementary Statistical Methods), to MATH 1332 (Contemporary Mathematics), and MATH 1314 (College Algebra).

Transfer Champions Initiative institutions

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Community colleges implementing the NMP model want to ensure students who pursue alternative mathematics pathways will not confront problems if they transfer. Two-year and four-year institutions coordinate their transition to using multiple mathematics pathways in core curriculums and in course requirements of majors.

The Transfer Champions Initiative supports the regional collaboration of codevelopment colleges and four-year universities to improve communication about mathematics pathways and course alignment. 17 Texas universities signed on to participate in the first phase of the Transfer Champions initiative. They are connecting with a community college partner to learn about the NMP and the commitments of transfer champions—and to identify alignment and transfer issues between their institutions.

For more information on the commitments, timeline, and benefits of participating in this program, please see the Transfer Champions Initiative summary [pdf, 161kb].

Summary of Spring 2014 Transfer Champion Kickoff Meetings [pdf, 246KB]: This resource, originally shared with participating university presidents, summarizes the kickoff meetings for the NMP’s Transfer Champions Initiative. The initiative, which launched in November 2013 began with regional kickoff meetings among participating Texas community colleges and universities during the spring 2014 semester.