New Mathways Project Implementation Guide

Key Features

  • Preparation process for implementation
  • Overview of primary Responsibilities
  • Action items with an accompanying narrative explanation
  • Printable templates
  • Examples from colleges that have implemented the NMP

This step-by-step guide is designed for colleges interested in implementing reform based on the New Mathways Project guiding principles. It lays out a detailed process to support the preparations for the academic year prior to implementation.

As with any type of systemic work, the involvement and support from key stakeholders are critical to success. To facilitate this process, this user-friendly guide incorporates elements aimed to assist administrators, faculty, advisors, and institutional researchers in planning, organizing, and executing each phase of implementation.

Is this guide only for Texas NMP Implementation?

NMP_Implementation_Guide_CoverNo. The guide does contain information that is specific to Texas such as course number and references to state policy. However, the general information, processes outlined, and examples from the field are applicable to all colleges and can be extended to broader guidance for different types of systemic change initiatives.

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The complete guide is available for free download [pdf, 4.9mb]. Printable templates and worksheets are also available for download (see below).


Printable Templates
Redesign Readiness Worksheet [docx, 76kb]
Persistence Tool [xlsx, 510kb]
Communication Plan [docx, 62kb]
Funnel Analysis [xls, 44kb]
Recruitment Plan [docx, 62kb]
Evaluation Plan [docx, 62kb]

Implementation Guide – All Appendices [pdf, 1.3mb]

Webpages Referenced in the Implementation Guide
NMP Curricular Materials
Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning Course
Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning Course
Statistical Reasoning Course
Quantitative Reasoning Course
Higher Education Resources
Texas Mathematics Transfer Spreadsheet



The Dana Center appreciates feedback about the content, structure, and usability of this guide. We encourage individuals and teams to note what is—and is not—helpful about the guide and to share suggestions for additional resources via