NMP Implementation Resources

The Dana Center develops tools and services to help higher education faculty, staff, and administrators implement the New Mathways Project (NMP) model to increase student success in developmental and gateway mathematics programs.

For more information about our strategy for implementing the NMP in Texas, please visit the statewide implementation page.

NMP Implementation Guide: This comprehensive resource outlines the key steps in implementing a systemic initiative. Although the guide is focused on the NMP, the processes and advice can be applied to any higher education reform effort.

NMP Institutional Scaling Toolkit: Developed with input from college faculty, staff and administrators, researchers, and external experts, this toolkit is designed to support colleges as they face the challenges of moving from initial implementation to scaling the math pathways. A readiness assessment helps users determine which tools are appropriate for different stages of implementation.

NMP Mentorship Program: Created to support participating colleges to implement the four guiding principles of the NMP model, this mentorship program is available only to colleges in Texas at this time. Contact mathways@austin.utexas.edu for more information.

NMP Ambassador Program: Through this program, faculty who have implemented NMP courses have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors by conducting interactive workshops on college campuses to launch cross-institutional discussions about implementing math pathways. These workshops are focused on developing a broad awareness and understanding of the NMP model and of the many resources available to colleges. Ambassador events are free to colleges in Texas. For institutions outside of Texas, please contact mathways@austin.utexas.edu for pricing and availability.