New Mathways Project

The New Mathways Project embodies the Dana Center’s vision for a systemic approach to improving student success and completion through implementation of processes, strategies, and structures built around three mathematics pathways and a supporting student success course. The Dana Center entered into a unique joint enterprise with the Texas Association of Community Colleges to develop and implement the NMP as a statewide reform effort.

The New Mathways Project in Texas

The Dana Center’s joint enterprise with the Texas Association of Community Colleges lays the foundation for statewide implementation in Texas.

“The accident of where students live should not limit their access to an excellent education or their ability to pursue their dreams.”
Uri Treisman, Executive Director, Charles A. Dana Center, 2012

The New Mathways Project Curricular Materials

The Dana Center is building curricular materials for three mathematics pathways that support—not limit—students’ career goals and aspirations. Each mathematics pathway includes rigorous, transferrable, college-level content that meets the requirements of specific academic programs and careers.

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