Scaling Modern Undergraduate Mathematics


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Issue: The NMP is designed for implementation at scale, achieving significant breath and depth of implementation across and within institutions of higher education over five years. Implementing NMP requires coordinated action at multiple levels of state and local education systems.

We are working with mathematics faculty from two-year and four-year institutions and the major mathematics professional associations to create a shared vision for undergraduate mathematics that meets the evolving needs of students, the economy, and our society.

At a national level, this work includes support for aligning mathematics curriculum with students’ programs of study, accelerating and contextualizing developmental coursework, and engaging students through active-learning pedagogy.

We also collaborate with leaders in state agencies, institutional systems, universities, and policymakers to identify and address obstacles to NMP implementation at scale. State and national efforts to support NMP scale up include:

Scaling Resources:

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Big Ideas for Scaling the New Mathways Project: Video from the Achieving the Dream 2013 annual conference and subsequent article featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.


State Mathematics Task Force Resources:

The Dana Center has developed a process and structure to engage mathematics faculty to create a statewide agenda for improving student success in undergraduate mathematics. Georgia and Ohio are among the first states using the Center’s task force model.

In Fall 2014, the Dana Center and Complete College America initiated the Building Mathematics Pathways into Programs of Study project. Through this project, the Dana Center facilitated the launch of additional statewide task forces in Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Nevada, as well as in the Houston region of Texas. We provide tools, resources, and ongoing technical assistance for the task forces.

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report_of_the_missouri_mathematics_pathways_task_force_coverReport of the Missouri Mathematics Pathways Task Force on Building Math Pathways into Programs of Study [pdf, 314KB]







Modernizing Mathematics Resources:

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modernizing_mathematics_pathways_at_texas_universities_coverModernizing Mathematics Pathways at Texas Universities: Insights from the New Mathways Project Transfer Champions is a case study that outlines recommendations for effective implementation of multiple math pathways for four-year institutions and their community college partners.

Executive Summary [pdf, 82KB]

Full Report [pdf, 632KB]




Mathematics Pathway Evaluation Resources: