Policy Resources

NMP_policy_issuesThe goal of the Dana Center’s higher education policy work is to foster a policy and practice environment that enables institutions to implement NMP’s four guiding principles to improve undergraduate mathematics education.

We collaborate with higher education administrators and faculty, initiative leaders, and state-level decision makers to address policy issues such as:

Credit Transfer: Research and resources about the transferability of mathematics course credits among two-year and four-year institutions of higher education.

Programs of Study & Mathematics Alignment: Supports for institutions to use in determining which gateway mathematics course best prepares students for a chosen program of study.

College Readiness: Resources on current college readiness standards and on improving readiness standards to align to math pathways, including resources on Texas policies and practices that designate students are college ready for multiple mathematics courses.

Scaling Modern Undergraduate Mathematics: Information on efforts to improve student success in postsecondary mathematics.

Spotlight Resource

modernizing_mathematics_pathways_at_texas_universities_coverModernizing Mathematics Pathways at Texas Universities: Insights from the New Mathways Project Transfer Champions is a case study that outlines recommendations for effective implementation of multiple math pathways for four-year institutions and their community college partners.

Executive Summary [pdf, 82KB]

Full Report [pdf, 632KB]